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Gestum Asesores is an Accountancy Consultancy with a long professional track record helping, small, medium and large enterprises, from all sectors, to obtain the best management. We work with endeavour and commitment because an efficient business management is based on the adequate information flow of your accounting. Moreover, we advise you on decisions you need to take so you can determine the best way to develop the professional activity of your business.

Our Accountancy Consulting service

Our Accountancy Consulting service has become the best ally of a large number of companies in Zaragoza, and more and more businesspeople are coming to us for us to manage their accounts.

We design services that fit in perfectly with their requirements, and thanks to this, their companies advance towards success. We have a very extensive gamut of solutions:

Comprehensive Corporate Accountancy Management and Consulting
Quarterly control of the evolution of the Profit and Loss Account, and analysis of Balance Sheet
End-of-year study of the company’s Income Statements
Preparation of auxiliary and official Accounting ledgers: Journal, General Ledger, VAT Record Book (input and output), Balance Sheet, Reports, and any other accounting document of compulsory compliance

Legalisation of official accounting ledgers

Preparation and deposit of Annual Accounts in the Trade Register

Company openings and closures

Advice on Company Tax: subsidies, deductions, freedom to amortise… any applicable regulation

Preparation of Company Tax, as well as its telematic presentation and relative payments on account

Preparation of tangible asset withholdings taxes
Commercial Consulting, respect to accounting and the Company (call, Board, appointments, etc.)
Advice on the most adequate financing systems: loans, leasing….

Design of specific accounting plans for different business sectors

Preparation of financial reports

Analyses, studies and interpretations of the corporate result in real time, taking the appropriate decisions to obtain maximum performance in your business

Updating of delayed accounting

Telephone and office queries, without limit. According to needs

Visit to your offices for documentation reviews, or any type of doubts whenever required, and when this cannot be solved by telephone or by e-mail
Company valuation
Consulting and training of personnel from the accounts department
Preparation of feasibility studies

Thanks to our solutions, each client receives the best management of their corporate capital; we advise and guide our clients to help them take decisions that will enable them to increase their profits and stand out within their sectors.

How to hire our services

In our Accountancy Consulting department, we give our clients the opportunity to choose the service that adapts to their specific needs. Some of our most demanded services are:


Companies do their own accounting, and we review the most important aspects. We also advise them with respect to any doubts they may have. This alternative is geared towards companies that have personnel who carry out accounting and finances-related tasks.

Management Program

Clients enter the data (sales invoices, purchasing invoices and banks) through a very simple application that we install, and whose operation we explain to them in detail. The information can be sent on files by e-mail and we enter it into our accounting program for review and development.


We receive all the documents from your company (invoices issued and received, bank statements…) and we post them in our system. This option is recommended for small enterprises or self-employed workers.

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